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  • ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING PARTNERING PROGRAM 2017, September 28, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
    Matching the most innovative Swiss and Swedish SMEs, MNEs, research institutions to foster bilateral market oriented research collaboration within Additive Manufacturing
  • 7th Swiss-Swedish Call for R&D Project Outlines Call will be announced in September 2017.
    7th bilateral "Switzerland-Sweden Call for R&D Project Outlines" within the EUREKA & EUROSTARS programs.
  • Smart Products for Automated Transportation, September 28, 2016
    Matching the most Innovative Swiss and Swedish SMEs, MNEs research institutions to foster bilateral market oriented research collaboration within Smart Products for Automated Transportation
  • SWISS NORDIC BIO, February 8, 2017.
    An exclusive B2B investment and networking conference hosted in Zurich.
  • LIGHTer, November 22-23, 2017.
    International conference focusing on ”Future lightweight solutions for multi-sectorial industrial use”.

Additive Manufacturing 2017

An exclusive Swiss-Swedish industrial R&D partnering program with focus on Additive Manufacturing. SWII 2017 is organised in cooperation with leading advanced AM clusters and gathers best in class within the Swiss and Swedish AM-scene. The conference will take place in September 2017 in Switzerland. To find out more, please follow this link.


Swiss Nordic Bio 2018

Swiss Nordic Bio is organized by the Nordic countries in co-operation with Swiss partners. During this high-level partnering and investor conference, Swiss and Nordic biotech, pharmaceutical and MedTech companies as well as investors meet in one-to-one meetings and present themselves in plenum. The goal of the conference and the Swiss-Nordic focus is to establish new contacts and networks. The conference will be held in Zurich in February, 2018. For more information about the format of the platform and previous events, please follow this link.


Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative

Preliminary Program, September 23, 2015
Venue: ABB Corporate Research Center, Baden-Dättwil, Switzerland

Moderator: Dr Antonio Maffei, Production Engineering, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
08:15-09:00 Registration and Coffee (Foyer)
09:00-09:15 Welcome & Opening of Conference (Euler-Auditorium)
    Mr. Stefan Ramseier, Director, ABB Research Center
Mr. Walter Steinlin, President, Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI)
09:15-09:45 Introduction (Euler-Auditorium)
    Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative - download
Ms. Maja Zoric, Project Manager, Business Sweden
EUREKA/Eurostars - Opportunities for International R&D Collaboration - download
Ms. Colette John-Grant, EUREKA NCP Swiitzerland, Swiss State Secretariat of Education, Research and Innovation
Current Smart Factory initiatives in Sweden and Switzerland
"Produktion 2030" in Sweden - download
Ms. Cecilia Warrol, Director, Manufacturing and Advanced Production, Teknikföretagen, (Swedisch Association of Engineering Industry)
"Industry 2025" Initiative in Switzerland - download
Mr. Beat Brunner, Member of the Excecutive Board, SwissMEM
09:45-10:30 Swedish Multinational Enterprise Presentations (Euler-Auditorium)
    The Smart Aircraft Factory - download
Mr. Jens Schönenberg, Director, Head of Airframe Development, Saab AB
Looking Ahead - The Future of Manufacturing - download
Dr. Vahid Kalhouri, Manager R&D Intelligent Machining, Sandvik Coromant
Sensing. Thinking. Acting. - download
Dr. Knut Siercks, CTO, Hexagon AB
10:30-10:45 Networking Coffee (Cafeteria)
10:45-11:30 Swiss Multinational Enterprise Presentations (Euler-Auditorium)
    ABB's Internet of Thing's, Services and People Strategy - download
Dr. Christofer Ganz, R&D Director, ABB Global Services
The digital Factory - from Vision to Reality - download
Mr. Siegfried Gerlach, CEO, Siemens Switzerland
11:30-11:50 Academia Presentations (Euler-Auditorium)
   Smart Automation & Smart People in Smart Factories - download
Dr. Johan Stahre, Professor, Head of the Production Systems Division at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg,
and Chairman of the Swedish Production Academy
The Role of Flexible Robotics in Smart Factory Concepts - download
Dr Wernher van de Venn, Professor, Head of Institute of Mechatronic Systems, Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)
11:50-12:30 Presentations by Small- and Medium Sized Enterprises (Euler-Auditorium)
        Tacton Systems - download (tacton.com)
RindiPK - download (rindipk.se)
Prindit - download (prindit.com)
ReVibe Energy - download (revibeenergy.com)
YourFlow - download (yourflow.se)
Silex Microsystems - download (silexmicrosystems.com)
XMReality - download (xmreality.se)
12:30-13:45 Networking Lunch (Foodorama Pavillion)
13:45-14:30  Presentations by Small- and Medium Sized Enterprises (Euler-Auditorium)
        Akselos - download (akselos.com)
NetModule (netmodule.com)
ABCD Technologies - download (abcd-technology.com)
Advanon (advanon.com)
CADCamation - download (cadcamation.ch)
IniVation (inilabs.com)
Novamet (novamet.ch)
14:30-18:10 One-to-One Matchmaking Meetings á 20 Minutes (Von-Neumann Seminar & Schottky-Seminar)
17:45-19:45 After Conference Networking (Cafeteria)
  Networking, drinks and fingerfood

Previous events

26-28 April 2016
EUREKA Innovation Event 2016, Stockholm
Under the Swedish EUREKA Chairmanship: Exclusive close to market R&D networking and partnering conference.

10 February 2016
Swiss-Scandinavian Bio-Business Seminar 2016, Zurich
An exclusive partnering and and investor conference.

23 September 2015
Innovative Smart Factory Networking Conference, Baden-Dättwil
Exclusive B2B investment and networking conference.

9-10 September 2015
Nordic Life Science Days, Stockholm
Investor pitches, matchmaking and networking with the most innovative life science companies.

5 February 2015
9th Swiss-Scandinavian Bio-Business-Seminar, Zurich
Exclusive B2B investment and partnering conference.

19 November 2014
EUREKA Innovation Event, Basel
Exclusive B2B investment and networking conference.
Watch the inspiring movie clip from the event.

2 October 2014 
Innovative Smart Materials Networking Conference 2014, Lausanne
Exclusive B2B investment and networking conference.

8-9 September 2014
Nordic Life Science Days, Stockholm
Workshops, matchmaking and networking with the most innovative life science companies.

1 April 2014
Innovative Smart Systems Networking Conference 2014, Neuchatel
Exclusive B2B investment and networking conference.

12 Feb 2014 
8th Swiss-Scandinavian Bio-Business Seminar 2014, Zurich 
Exclusive B2B investment and networking conference. 

25 Sept 2013
Innovative Manufacturing Networking Conference 2013, Dübendorf 
Exclusive B2B investment and networking conference.

21-22 Aug 2013
Digital Health Days Stockholm 2013
An arena for setting the future healthcare agenda.

18 Apr 2013 
Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative, Information Session, Stockholm
Joint seminar by VINNOVA and the Swiss Embassy in Sweden.

21 Feb 2013 
Innovative Software Networking Conference 2013, Winterthur 
Funding and B2B networking conference at ZHAW in Winterthur.

12 Feb 2013
7th Swiss-Scandinavian Bio-Business Seminar 2013, Zürich
Exclusive B2B investment and networking conference.

14 Nov 2012
Swiss Pavillion @ MEDICA, Düsseldorf
Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiatie (SWII) presented a networking aperitif and information session.

15 Nov 2012
Sweden Boat @ MEDICA, Düsseldorf
Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative (SWII) invited to a presentation about funding opportunities for industrial, close-to-market R&D projects.