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SWII 2021 @EPFL in Neuchatel

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November 9, 2021 
SWII - Additive Manufacturing & Lightweight Technologies 
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Agenda | 2021

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Opening of Conference

Welcome from Switzerland & Sweden

Mr. Alexandre Pauchard, CEO, CSEM (5min)

H.E. Jan Knutsson, Ambassador of Sweden to Switzerland & Lichtenstein (5min) (TBC)

Ms. Annalise Eggimann, CEO, Innosuisse (5min) (TBC)

Introduction to SWII

Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative
Ms. Maja Zoric, Trade & Invest Commissioner, Business Sweden (5min) 

Introduction to co-funding opportunties

EUREKA-Eurostars: Boost innovation across borders
Mr. Janique Siffert, Programme Manager, Innosuisse 

Welcome Key Note

From Powder towards Precision Manufacturing (TBC)
Olha Sereda, Section Head Additive Manufacturing & Component Reliability, CSEM

End-users & MNE Presentations á 10 min

Additive Manufacturing and Industry Decarbonization
Dr. Vladimir Navrotsky, Vice President Technology and Innovation, Siemens Energy, Industrial Application Service

Synopsis: This presentation will focus on impact of additive manufacturing on factories carbon footprint reduction and AM components design and manufacturing to ennable further emissions reduction as a part of the Sustainability and Decarbonization Program. The achieved results in AM workshop setup, digitalization, design, and AM components implementation and curently accumulated field experience will be presented and discussed. The importance and examples of collaboration between OEM and Industry operators will be shown as well.

Presentation from Sahlgrenska University Hospital Gothenburg á 10 min

Presentation from Swedish MNE á 10 min

Presentation from Swedish MNE á 10 min

Presentation from Swedish MNE á 10 min

Networking coffee break


End-users & MNE presentations continue

Industrial Additive Manufacturing for High Precision
Csilla Miko, Head of Powder Engineering Group, Swatch Group Research & Development

Synopsis: Binder Jetting is a supportless powder bed AM process with lots of potential for efficient high resolution manufacturing. Swatch Group provides high level competencies in debinding-sintering combined with post process for aesthetics. Swatch plans to bring the current TRL to real industrial level satisfying watch making criteria. Swatch seeks powder manufacturer for tailor made powders and competences in furnaces for batch sintering.

Presentation from Swiss MNE 2 á 10 min

Presentation from Swiss MNE 3 á 10 min

Presentation from Swiss MNE 4 á 10 min

Germany as guest partner presentations á 10min

Material qualification in Additive Manufacturing
Mikkel Pedersen, Head of R&D Additive Manufacturing, Oerlikon AM

Synopsis: One of the main challenges Oerlikon supports customers with is how to qualify AM process and materials. This presentation will elaborate on how Oerlikon addresses the challenge: How a test and qualification program for series manufacturing covering material, machine, process, part & part family could look like for AM. Further development is ongoing in a SPC project to address machine issues and find solutions based on requirements from new standards - a definite area where Oerlikon invites for collaboration within and across industries.

Presentation 2 á 10 min 

Presentation 3 á 10 min 

Networking Lunch
Elevator Pitches

20 of Switzerland's, Germany's and Sweden's most innovative start-up & SMEs in the fields of additive manufacturing & lightweight technologies give 3 min elevator pitches 

Nematic 3D Printing – Bringing Performance & Precision to Polymer AM
Dr. Raphael Heeb, CEO & Co-Founder, NematX AG

Synopsis: The wider dissemination of industrial AM will largely depend on the ability to reach both, performance and precision levels of established manufacturing technologies. At present, 3D printed polymer parts still show inferior product quality compared to traditionally manufactured counterparts, which prevents their application in demanding industries. At NematX, we are pioneering the use of liquid crystal polymers for AM to fully utilize the lightweight potential of polymers and to offer fully recyclable, end-use parts for the harshest application environments.

MetalJet & Nanotube, the X-ray tubes for high-speed, high-resolution 3D inspection
Dr. Simona Laza, Research project manager, Excillum AB 

Synopsis: Excillum AB designs, develops and manufactures world’s brightest microfocus X-ray tube, and smallest nanofocus X-ray tube, today available for applications such as imaging (NDT, CT, XRM, phase contrast), diffraction/scattering (pXRD, SAXS) and spectroscopy (XRF, XPS). Excillum AB is looking for innovation partnership with players from AM value chain and OEMs for development of new/improved solutions dedicated to AM industry.

Academia presentations á 10 min

Powder Based Metal Additive Manufacturing: Possibilities and Challenges 
Eduard Hryha, Professor in Powder Metallurgy and Additive Manufacturing, Chalmers University of Technology/Centre for Metal Additive Manufacturing - Metal (CAM2)

Synopsis: Significant development in the area of powder based metal additive manufacturing during last decade resulted in significant expansion of the material portfolio, development of robust  AM processes for number of materials and hence resulting in successful industrial application of the technology for the high-value components. Further expansion of AM into other industrial sectors faces number of challenges when it comes to the AM materials (cost, materials for structural application, electrification, etc.). AM process robustness and productivity, design for AM, quality assurance, etc. Hence, this talk aims to shortly describe state-of-the-art and challenges of the powder-based metal AM to pave the way for the broader industrial utilization of metal AM. 

Presentation from Empa á 10 min (TBC)

Value by AM – Implementation and Design of Advanced AM Applications
Mirko Meboldt, Professor and Chair in Product Development and Engineering Design, ETH Zurich

Presentation 4 á 10 min

Presentation 5 á 10 min

One-to-one matchmaking meetings

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After conference networking

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