SWII Call 2023/2024

SWII Call 2023/2024

There will be no dedicated bilateral Call for Sweden-Switzerland in 2023.

The following calls are open for SWII partners:

Second half of 2023 / First half of 2024 – Call related to SWII topic Additive Manufacturing & Lightweight Technologies (SWII 2023) / Swiss Nordic Bio (2024):

The Eureka Smart Cluster Call is opening in September 2023.

Sweden and Switzerland will be participating in the Eureka Smart Cluster Call that will open in September, 2023.

  • The Call will be open for the following topics:
    • Advanced Manufacturing Processes
    • Intelligent & Adaptive Manufacturing Systems
    • Person-Machine Collaboration
    • Sustainable Manufacturing
    • Digital, Virtual Efficient Companies
    • Customer-Based manufacturing
  • Submission of the Project Outline by 22nd January, 2024 (more info here)
  • Draft applications will be reviewed “on demand” by Vinnova and Innosuisse*

Eurostars Call 6 will open on 12 January 2024.

Sweden and Switzerland will be participating in the Eurostars Call 6 that will open on 12 January, 2024.

  • The Call will be open for all topics
  • Submission until 14 March, 2024 (more info to come)
  • Draft applications will be reviewed “on demand” by Vinnova and Innosuisse*

In addition, Sweden and Switzerland are participating in the food tech and alternative proteins call within Eureka. The call just opened this month and you will find more information on the Vinnova and Innosuisse website.

*German and Austrian Partners are also eligible to receive funding in this call.

Swedish small and medium size companies, SME's may apply @Vinnova for travel grants for SWII 2022 conference in Switzerland. 

  • Project title in Swedish application for travel should be "SWII 2022 Dübendorf"
  • November 15th is the last day of application for travel grant
  • Swedish R&D performing SME's may apply for maximum 15 000 SEK
  • A grant may cover travel costs such as tickets and hotel
  • A grant may not cover cost for personal, indirect costs (overhead) or other direct costs

Important! Attach the mandatory "declaration about other de minimis aid" form upon submission. 

Link for mandatory "declaration about other de minimis aid" is here.
Link for application is here.

For further information contact:

The Swiss EUREKA office at the Innosuisse:
Mr. Janique Siffert (main contact), +41 58 466 70 70, janique.siffert@innosuisse.ch 
Ms. Colette John-Grant (EUREKA and Eurostars), +41 58 466 77 32, colette.john@innosuisse.ch

The Swedish EUREKA office at Vinnova:
Mr. Peter Lindberg, +46 8 473 31 93, peter.lindberg@vinnova.se 
Mr. Tero Stjernstoft, +46 8 473 32 96, tero.stjernstoft@vinnova.se
Mr. Lars Gustafsson, +46 8 473 32 12, lars.gustafsson@vinnova.se

Check the official Eurostars website or contact your national office at Vinnova or Innosuisse for more information.

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Contact person:
Ms. Viktoria Pletikos, Consultant,
Business Sweden Switzerland

Direct phone: +48 532 401 657
E-Mail: viktoria.pletikos@business-sweden.se