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Thematic in focus 2022

Digitization is transforming the industry from its core again & in order to utilize the full potential, international collaboration and market oriented research are required. Join R&D intensive multinational enterprises, innovative SME’s and best in class academia in generating new industrial partnerships and market oriented research projects with funding available from EUREKA/Eurostars as part of the SWII-platform. 


1. IoT & AI
Machine learning
Pattern recognition
Deep learning
Speech recognition
Natural language processing
Digital twin context for manufacturing
Additive manufacturing
Training, industrial maintenance and prototyping
Speech recognition
AI solutions in the context of IoT
Sensor fusion
Navigation tech
Data collection, data management, data cleansing
Low power wireless communication systems
Real time communications
IoT power optimization
Data architecture optimization
Partitioning of processes (e.g. Neural Networks partition between IoT device and cloud)
Communication across distributed partitions
Automated data analytics and cleansing
Knowledge extraction from unstructured documents
Edge machine learning
Machine learning for:

  • Prediction of processes
  • Prediction of quality
  • Image control
  • Automated processes 
  • Interpret data sets generated by sensors in products or by sensors of machines and equipment that are used in manufacturing processes
  • Control of manufacturing processes/equipment based on interpreted data sets from integrated sensors

Pattern recognition

  • For machine control

AI for

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Finding patterns
  • Identifying precursors to seismic events, stress changes and rockmass deformations

Computer vision

  • For quality

Annotation of data
Data mining
Big data analytics in the context of IoT
Data collection, data management, data cleansing
Data analytics
Multiparty computation
Data preparation -  transition of raw data source inputs into prepared outputs
Computation, compression, interpretation and management of large data sets generated by sensors, detectors or control systems of manufacturing and measurement systems
Automated machine learning for preparing, building, deploying, monitoring, and maintaining AI applications

Data storage
Data pre-processing tools for:

  • Deep learning application
  • Efficient and semi-automatic data preparation applications
  • Lifelong learning
  • Neural networks store

Data cleansing and validation
Limited data: handling and adversarial generation
Satellite and GIS data collection and processing
Data security

Industrial sensing applications of consumer-type sensors
Information through image analysis, sound analysis
Sensor fusion
Smart sensors for e.g. manufacturing processes
New types of sensors (low cost, high speed, high sensitivity, high accuracy and precision)
Sensors for monitoring

  • Moisture
  • Gas

Combi sensors
Wireless sensors for harsh environments
Sensors built in the material
RFID, NFC tag or sensor
Intelligent machine control systems
Integration of different machines and process steps into highly automated and intelligent production lines
Embedded software for smart sensors
Embedded machine learning
Supply chain visibility, monitoring and control
Fabrication processes to add and integrate sensors/sensing capabilities into products

 6. 5G
Implementation of cloud base services with 5G for monitoring and control

Visualization of complex information, complex data sets
Visualization of large amounts of data
Virtual Reality (VR) - Augmented Reality (AR) - Extended Reality (XR)
3D farming

  • Content generation from real world to VR- world
  • Content generation from real design data models to VR/AR Models

Collaboration environments with VR and AR applications
Industrial service context and maintenance purpose
Optical components (free space optics, micro lenses, diffractive optical elements
AR for training/instruction purposes
VR/AR for field service
VR/AR for driver support
Maintenance XR
Remote inspection using corporate / central experts
VR / AR in training and engineering
3D glasses 

a) MedTech
VR/AR/XR is becoming important in various medical areas, where applications are being used in fields such as medical research, medical training, imaging, psychology

b) Architecture and Engineering
Architecture is going through a major transformation where architects are converting to BIM (Building Intelligent Modelling). VR/AR/XR will play a significant role in this field.
In Engineering and Manufacturing companies VR/AR/XR is currently developed and used essentially for education purposes and prototyping. VR/AR/XR will gradually gain importance in manufacturing processes.

C) Edutainment, including Tourism and Culture
Serious Gaming and Edutainment are domains where most developments in VR/AR/XR will start. The developments will then subsequently roll over into industrial or scientific domains. Digitization through VR/AR/XR in those domains could be anything from MOOCs at universities, teaching at school, training at industrial/office sites, digital applications for tourist offices, digitization of museums with VR/AR/XR. All these examples will create different revenue models.

Secure remote connections in critical applications
Secure Data gathering and exchange in critical applications
Connected machine security
End-to-end privacy and security
Lightweight security
Embedded security and privacy for flexible distributed communication platforms
Dynamic/revocable right allocation for loosely connected systems
Secure and privacy preserving computation (homomorphic encryption, multiparty computation)
Safe autonomous or remotely operated robotics
Automatic review of contract
Cyber security solutions for transport services
AI based solutions to detect cyber attacks


Autonomous robots
Collaborative robots
Micro Robots
Cleaning robots

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Ms. Viktoria Pletikos, Consultant,
Business Sweden Switzerland

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