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Innovative Materials Networking Conference 2014

PRELIMINARY PROGRAM, October 2, 2014, Starling Hotel at EPFL, Lausanne

Moderator: Stève Mérillat, Managing Director, Carbon Composites Switzerland 

08:30-09:00 Registration and Coffee
09:00-09:15 Opening of Conference
  Dr. Karen Scrivener, Professor, Chair, Swiss Competence Centre for Material Science and Technology (CCMX) (tbc)
  Ms. Marie-Laure Berthié, Deputy of the Vice President & head of Corporate Relations, EPFL
  Mr. Per Sjönell, First Secretary, Embassy of Sweden in Switzerland
09:15-09:45 Introduction
  CCMX - Collaborate to Innovate - download
Dr. Nathalie Jongen, Managing Director, Swiss Competence Centre for Material Science and Technology (CCMX)
  Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative
Mr. Hampus Nilzén, Manager Switzerland, Business Sweden
  EUREKA - Doing Business through Technology - download
Ms. Colette John-Grant, Manager of the Swiss Eurostars Program, Swiss State Secretariat of education, Research and Innovation
09:45-10:30 Swedish Multinational Enterprise Presentations
  Nano Materials for Aerospace Applications - download
Mr. Pontus Nordin, Technical Fellow, Saab AB
  Tribological Performance as Area of Interest for Development of Sustainable Products - download
Dr. Sima Valizadeh, Global Functional Manager, Materials Competence Center, Rocktec, Atlas Copco AB
  Powder and Coating Technology at Sandvik Materials Technology - download
Dr. Jesper Ederth, Manager Strategic Reserach, Sandvik Materials Technology 
10:30-11:00 Networking Coffee
11:00-11:45 Swiss Multinational Enterprise Presentations
  High-Performance and Functional Materials through Chemistry - download
Dr. Alessandro Napoli, Head of Development, Coatings / CoE Curing Agents, Huntsman
  Hard Chrome and Thermal Spray - Competition or Complement - download
Dr. Alexander Barth, Group Leader Solution Development, Oerlikon Metco AG
  Innovator's Dilemma in the Orthopaedic Field - download
Dr. Reto Lerf, Head of Polymer Development & Innovation Manager, Mathys Ltd. Bettlach
11:45-12:05 Academia Presentations
  Lightweight Solutions strengthen the Industrial Competitiveness - download
Mr. Stefan Gustavsson-Ledell, Head of Research Swerea SWECAST, Director LIGHTer Program, a National Multi-Sectorial Lightweight Arena
  Introduction to the Institute of Materials at EPFL and Highlights of Smart Materials Research - download
Dr. Véronique Michaud, Professor at the Laboratory of Polymer and Composite Technology, and the Director of the Material Science and Engineering Section at EPFL
12:05-13:05 Presentations by Small- and Medium Sized Enterprises
  Kugler BiMetal SA - download (www.bimetal.ch)
  ABCD Technology - download (www.abscd-technology.com)
  BCI Blösch AG - download (www.bloesch.ch)
  LS Instruments AG (www.lsinstruments.ch)
  SWISSto12 (www.swissto12.com)
  Impact Coatings AB - download (www.impactcoatings.com)
  Lamera AB - download (www.lamera.se) 
  Metec Technologies AB - download 1, 2, 3 (www.metec.se) 
  Creo Dynamics AB - download (www.creodynamics.se)
13:05-14:05 Networking Lunch
14:05-17:45 One-to-One Matchmaking Meetings á 20 Minutes
18:00-20:30 After Conference Networking 

Contact person:
Ms. Viktoria Pletikos, Consultant,
Business Sweden Switzerland

Direct phone: +48 532 401 657
E-Mail: viktoria.pletikos@business-sweden.se