Transportation is an industry experiencing rapid change due to automatization, digitalization and new business models. It is also an industry with the potential to transform our cities and the society we live in.

Sweden and Switzerland both have a tradition of innovative, world leading companies within the field of transportation. Both countries also harbour leading research institutions and university faculties in the area of automation. Hence, Smart Products for Automated Transportation is one promotion area of the Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative.

Following sub topics within Smart Products for Automated Transportation are prioritized:

  • Tools for Smart Products 
    • Sensors and Communication Technologies incl. 5G
    • RFID and Emergency/Distress Communication 
    • Data Management incl. Big Data and Simulation
    • Quality and Security & Standards
  • Smart Solutions for Automated Transportation
    • Tools for Management of Complex Systems 
    • Tools for Multi Modal Transportation 
    • Autonomous Systems for Smart Cities incl. Energy Efficiency
    • Quality and Security and Standards

Sources: Vinnova, SERI, ETH, Saab, Drive Sweden, ASUT



Area Smart Factory

Switzerland and Sweden are global forerunners within innovation and a high tech based manufacturing is on the top of both nations’ agenda. In order to preserve a strong industrial base, innovation & strategic industrial R&D alliances & digitalization of the manufacturing industry are a key. Therefore the Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative has chosen smart factories as one of its promotion areas.

Following 5 subtopics are prioritized for Swiss-Swedish R&D projects within smart factories.

1. Digital & Real Factories (Modelling, simulation & visualization of manufacturing processes & manufacturing factories, knowledge systems supporting decision making etc.)

2. Transparent Communication (Operator Devices, Sensors, Tags and Codes, 5G, ERP / Vertical Integration of Business Systems with Shop Floor Systems / Horizontal Integration of Supply Chains) 

3. Agile Energy System (Smart Grids, Energy etc.)

4. People in Manufacturing (ICT Support in New Organizational Models / ICT for Skill Development & Decision Support)

5. Solutions for Flexible Distributed Production (Autonomous Automation that can adapt to products and people / Automation, Flexible Monitoring)

Sources: Vinnova, SERI, Teknikföretagen, Chalmers, Saab, Swiss MEM