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Sweden and Switzerland face common challenges in their high tech industry. An ever increasing part of the companies' R&D effort goes in to software and many of their product's unique selling features are implemented in software. In the same time the knowledge on how to develop software efficiently is spread over the world.

If countries like Sweden and Switzerland shall be able to maintain their industrial base, innovation and efficiency in software engineering is vital. It is of strategic interest for both countries to improve ongoing and create new innovative close to market research results within field of Innovative Software. To ensure that Swiss and Swedish academia and SMEs continue to remain at the forefront of the global software development, Innovative Software has been chosen as one of the areas for promotion of Swiss-Swedish research co-operations. 

Sources: Vinnova, SERI, Swedsoft, Teknikföretagen, Saab

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Ms. Ulrika Hallström, Project Manager,
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